110,Part 1

110 The One With the Monkey110 猴子 [Scene: Monica and Rachel's, Ross is entering.][场景:Monica和Rachel家,Ross进来了]Ross: Guys? There's a somebody I'd like you to meet.Ross:大伙,我想跟你们介绍一位新人。 (A monkey jumps on to his shoulder.)(一只猴子跳到了他的肩上)All: Oooh!大家:哦!Monica: W-wait. What is that?Monica:等-等等,那是什么?Ross: 'That' would be Marcel. You wanna say hi?Ross:这是Marcel,你想跟他打个招呼么?Monica: No, no, I don't.Monica:不,不,我不想。Rachel: Oh, he is precious! Where did you get 继续阅读 [...]